Two teens rob victim of cell phone in Elk Grove Saturday afternoon

An online transaction led the robbery of a victim’s cell phone on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Elk Grove Police Department Daily Watch Summary, the victim was completing an online sales transaction to sell a cell phone around 4:30 pm in the 8700 block of Heritage Hill Drive. The victim handed the phone to one of the suspects to look at, who then handed it to the second suspect, who was the potential buyer. Both suspects ran off with the phone.

The victim chased the suspects until the first suspect pulled out a gun. Both suspects then fled the scene. The phone was recovered not far from the crime scene. The suspect who was the buyer was described as African American male, 15-16 years old, black jacket, dark- blue jeans and black shoes. The second suspect, who pulled a gun, was described as an African American male, 17-18 years old, black sweatshirt, black sweatpants and black shoes.

Residents who are buying or selling products through online transactions are encouraged to follow the suggestions from the Elk Grove Police Department’s Community Exchange Program.

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