A message from the Elk Grove Police Department regarding health department orders

The Elk Grove Police Department issued the following press release on March 24, 2020

What We Want You to Know

ELK GROVE, CA – Current Health Orders from the state and county health departments in effect have caused anxiety and concerns among some. Law enforcement agencies are tasked with enforcement of the Health Orders. The Elk Grove Police Department, along with the other Sacramento County law enforcement agencies, are confident the public will join with us in adhering to the Heath Orders, and we are encouraging our communities to voluntarily comply with the Health Department orders.

The priority for us is to ensure we maintain a safe environment for our community. We hope our residents and businesses understand how important it is to slow and stop the spread of this virus. To accomplish this, we are asking for the public’s cooperation and voluntary compliance.

“The instruction I have provided my staff is to serve to educate our community members as to the order provided by the County Health Officer. Our officers are instructed not to engage in any proactive enforcement related to the order at this time. Our goal is to provide our community members and visiting public with a safe environment wherein we are all working together to limit the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. This does not mean, however, that officers are not engaging in routine police work which might bring them into contact with community members or visitors to our community. I do not want those more-routine contacts to be misconstrued with us randomly stopping people specific to the order – that is not to occur” said Chief Timothy Albright.

Please know:
– You will not be stopped by the Elk Grove Police Department solely to inquire about the purpose of your travel.
– There is no curfew in effect. Please continue to adhere to the guidelines in the Stay at Home Order and limit outside contact to the essential business.
– Please maintain social distancing and refrain from gathering in groups.
– Sacramento County has set up a page with information on the Stay at Home Order, FAQs, and contact numbers if you have any other questions. Below is the link to that page:
– Officers are proactively checking on businesses as part of their regular patrol duties.
– Please report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 or via our non-emergency number at (916) 714-5115.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this unusual time. We will get through this together. Please continue to follow our social media pages for any important updates.

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