California Coronavirus ICU cases double overnight; US death toll passes 2000

The number of people in intensive care units in California hospitals doubled overnight according to Governor Gavin Newsom earlier today.

Newsom said the number of ICU cases climbed to 410 from 200. The state is scrambling to find more ventilators to deal with the anticipated increase in ICU patients.

In the Sacramento area, federal officials are looking at facilities, including the former home of the Sacramento Kings, Sleep Train Arena, as a temporary hospital to treat both Covid 19 and other patients.

Nationally the death toll from the coronavirus has passed 2000. That number has doubled in 48 hours. There are currently over 120,000 in the US that have tested positive for Covid 19. New York accounts for over 40% of the total cases in the US.

Two Navy hospital ships will be in place week off the coasts of California and New York to help provide more beds and help local hospitals. The Navy Ship Comfort left Virginia today and will arrive in New York on Monday. Comfort has 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms. It will be used for non-Covid 19 patients.

The Navy Ship Mercy will be stationed in Southern California. It too has 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms.

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