April 1, 2020 update from the EGUSD

The EGUSD sent out this email today

April 1, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Unified Parents and Families,

Today’s update will be brief. First, thank you to our parents, students and families! The Chromebook check-out process is going smoothly. On Friday, we will provide a report on how many Chromebooks have been distributed to date. Regarding distance learning and student’s schedules, while explaining it can be a little complex, depending on the age and needs of the student, it is important to know that distance learning is flexible. Teachers will be preparing lessons and creating content that lends toward distance learning and increased student independence and self-discipline. They will also plan, schedule and share check-in times and office hours to monitor student progress. 

Again, typically, an elementary student will focus on about five different subjects and recommendations on the length of study per subject will be given. Similarly, a secondary student will focus on their course schedule and a recommendation for length of study will also be given. And, all students will be encouraged to do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day and physical activity ideas at home will be offered and mindful of current conditions.

Furthermore on distance learning, today, California’s Governor made some big announcements. If you have a chance to watch it, we highly encourage you to do that on the State’s webpage. One of the big announcements was that to ensure that remote learning is accessible to all, Google will make available Chromebooks and Wi-Fi to students, recognizing that with several classrooms moving to educating students via conferencing, videos, and other digital services, a strong internet access is required and Google and California hope to “bridge the digital divide.”

Google will provide 100,000 points of access to “improve Wi-Fi and broadband capacity.” This is specifically targeting rural households, with the unlimited and “high-quality” connectivity being free of charge for at least three months. Here is a link to that announcement from Google.

More information for parents and resources to prepare for distance learning will be shared soon on the District’s website. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Enrichment and Fun Activities and remember that Social and Emotional Learning continues to be important, especially during this crisis. Also, our Drive-thru Grab-n-go Meal Services are still in operation and busy every day and the Governor hopes to increase that access in the days and weeks to come.

Lastly, here’s the five main things to remember about the Chromebook check-out process and we recommend you visit our website www.egusd.net and go to the parents daily updates to find the March 30, 2020 letter on Chromebook check-out and Internet connectivity.


  1. If your student really needs a Chromebook, go to your residential high school, there are nine in the District:   
    1. Cosumnes Oaks High School, Elk Grove High School, Florin High School, Franklin High School, Laguna Creek High School, Monterey Trail High School, Pleasant Grove High School, Sheldon High School and Valley High School
  2. For health and safety, the Chromebook check-out will be a drive-thru process to adhere to social distancing guidance
  3. Student(s) must be present in the car to receive the device – 1 per student maximum
  4. Please have or know the Student ID number for each student
  5. A parent, guardian and/or relative can drive the student(s) to the school

Thank you for your cooperation and patience and please stay safe, stay healthy and stay home as much as you can. And, keep up with our daily communications available online at www.egusd.net and remember to subscribe to the Elk Grove Unified School District’s YouTube Channel.

Thank you,
EGUSD Leadership – We will get through this.

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