April 7, 2020 update from the EGUSD

The EGUSD sent out this email today

April 7, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Unified Parents and Families,

It’s spring break for Elk Grove Unified with 9 days before we start distance learning for secondary students and 13 days for elementary students. We just have some reminders for you today and because student and staff safety is our top priority we are following the COVID-19 social distancing and mitigation orders and have devised new receiving processes for student enrollment and transfer requests. First the reminders….


  • If your student really needs a Chromebook, go to your home EGUSD high school: Cosumnes Oaks High School, Elk Grove High School, Florin High School, Franklin High School, Laguna Creek High School, Monterey Trail High School, Pleasant Grove High School, Sheldon High School and Valley High School
  • For health and safety, the Chromebook check-out will be a drive-thru process to adhere to social distancing guidance.
  • Student(s) must be present in the car to receive the device – 1 per student maximum
  • Please write on a paper, have or know the Student ID number for each student

​​​​​​​April 8th: Grades 3 & 4    Last names A-L 9:00am-1:00pm | M-Z 1:30pm-6:00pm

April 9th: Grades 1 & 2    Last names A-L 9:00am-1:00pm | M-Z 1:30pm-6:00pm


All Elk Grove Unified immunization clinics are currently cancelled during school closures. We will look at providing immunization clinics again in July and August.

Second, here are some new processes…


Elk Grove Unified School District is making the following changes to student transcript request processes while guidance for social distancing and sheltering at home are in place in Sacramento County.

Official Transcript Requests

  • Contact school: A parent, guardian or student who needs an official transcript will contact their school to make the request.
  • Make an appointment for pick-up or delivery: A parent, guardian or student will make an appointment to pick up the official transcript at the school site or request the transcript be mailed to them.
  • Keep social distance: School staff will follow guidelines for social distancing when delivering transcripts to those who are picking up transcripts.


Elk Grove Unified continues to welcome and enroll students for this school year and the next (2020/2021). While our schools remain closed to the public, we have developed the following drop-off, e-mail/mail or fax process for completed enrollment packets:

  • Parents and/or Guardians can go online to download and print the New Student Welcome and Enrollment Packet
  • Parent/Guardians who do not have access to the New Student Welcome and Enrollment Packet or who cannot print it, can contact the school via email to make arrangements to pick up a packet and complete it at home.
  • If a parent and/or guardian is unsure of their school attendance area, they can visit our District’s website here to search by address. 
  • Once the enrollment packet is complete, the parent and/or guardian may email or call the school of residence for an appointment to drop off the New Student Welcome and Enrollment Packet. Parents can also scan and email, mail or fax the documents to the school of enrollment. Please visit the District’s website for a list of schools and the school’s website where you can find the school’s address and contact information.


EGUSD School Meals: Elk Grove Unified’s school meal drive-thru and grab-n-go service continues this week from April 6th – April 9th (extra meals will be provided to families on the 9th as no meal service will occur on Friday the 10th.)

EGUSD Family and Community Resources

Thank you. Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay home as much as you can. Remember to subscribe to the Elk Grove Unified School District’s YouTube Channel.

Thank you,
EGUSD Leadership – We will get through this.

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