Suspect unsuccessful in two ATM robberies in Elk Grove

A suspect attempted to rob two different people at two different ATM’s on Saturday afternoon in Elk Grove around 4:20 pm.

In the first attempt was at the Bank of America ATM location at Trenholm & Laguna. The suspect pulled out a knife and demanded money from the victim at the ATM. The victim was able to keep the money and getaway.

The second attempt was at Chase Bank on Laguna & Bruceville, the suspect pulled out a knife. The victim yelled for help and the suspect fled the area.

Elk Grove police officers conducted a search of the area near Laguna Blvd and Trenholm Drive but were unable to find the suspect.

The suspect was described as a Caucasian male, 18-23 years old, wearing a black hat, dark-colored clothing and a white face covering.

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