Elk Grove Police Department bans use of “chokehold”

The Elk Grove Police Department joined many other law enforcement agencies around the country in banning the use of the carotid control hold, also known by some as the “chokehold”.

Use of this hold puts pressure on the carotid arteries to slow the flow of blood, causing the person to lose consciousness.

The Elk Grove Police Department issued the following press release:

Elk Grove Police Department Prohibits Carotid Control Hold

ELK GROVE, CA – Elk Grove Police Chief Timothy Albright issued an Administrative Directive to immediately prohibit the use of the carotid control hold. The Elk Grove Police Department’s Use of Force Policy is being updated to reflect this prohibition.

“In collaboration with the Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) and in hearing the concerns of the citizens of Elk Grove, we have moved forward in removing and prohibiting this use of force technique from our policy. We strive to provide quality service to our community, and we acknowledge the continual need to review our policies to ensure those same policies are reflective of our diverse community and our department’s Mission, Vision and Values” said Chief of Police Timothy Albright.

The Elk Grove Police Department continues to be proactive and responsive to the conversations with our valued community members.

Elk Grove Police Department policies can be found at www.elkgrovepd.org

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