Sacramento Transportation Authority decides against November vote on sales tax increase

Earlier today the Sacramento Transportation Authority board voted unanimously to not place a sales tax increase measure on the November ballot. The 13 member board is made up of Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and representatives of the cities in the county.

The proposed 1/2 cent increase would have raised $8 billion over 40 years for transportation projects in the county. The vote in November would have required 2/3 vote of county residents to pass. The city of Elk Grove would have received over $400 million from the project.

The pandemic that has led to business closures and millions of Americans out of work made the possibility of the tax increase passing less likely.

From a post on the STA Facebook page:

“The economy took a deep dive in the spring and beginning in late May we experienced a significant amount of political unrest which … as a result of unresolved social justice issues,” STA Executive Director Will Kempton wrote in a memo to the board. “These events have taken a negative toll on the overall public mood, and combined, they have contributed to an atmosphere of uncertainty.

“The poll shows that the measure is not viable with the current level of support and even with a strong program of public education and outreach to boost the support, the effort may be insufficient given the changing economic and social climate.”

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