Convicted murderer set free in California over covid pandemic

A woman convicted of murder in 1998 has been released from California prison due the covid pandemic.

Terebea Williams was convicted of the 1998 slaying of 23 year old Kevin Ruska. Williams had forced Ruska into the back of his car at gunpoint before shooting him in the stomach in Tacoma, Washington.

Williams then drove 750 miles to a Motel 6 in Davis. She managed to get Ruska up to the second floor of the motel where she bound and gagged him. He was later found deceased by motel staff. Williams was stopped by the CHP in Colusa County on her way back to Washington. A CHP officer stopped Williams for speeding and during a search of the car found a gun under her seat and blood and a bullet hole in her trunk.

Williams was convicted in 2001 and sentenced to 84 years to life in prison. She was released after serving only 19 years.

More on the story from CBS Local 13

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