KCRA reports on Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly

KCRA spoke to three women who hold elective office in Elk Grove. Jaclyn Moreno, Bobbie Singh-Allen and Nancy Chaires Espinoza regarding their accusations of bullying and intimidation.

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Elk Grove mayor accused of bullying women who politically oppose him

Women in Elk Grove are coming forward with allegations that Mayor Steve Ly and his associates bullied and intimidated them for years. “Steve Ly has been making it difficult, to impossible, for women to get involved in public service,” said Nancy Chaires Espinoza, a board trustee with the Elk Grove Unified School District.Chaires Espinoza says she ran for office against Ly six years ago.

Mayor Steve Ly issued the following statement:

Over the past few weeks, I have had time to reflect on the disturbing and unacceptable incidents experienced by women in our community. They have spoken out about being harassed, intimidated, and bullied. I believe them and acknowledge their pain. I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering they have endured. I realize that Jaclyn Moreno’s experience was hurtful and her needs should have been centered more. I am sincerely sorry she had to experience that.
I do not condone any conduct of anyone who engages in disrespectful and harmful behavior towards women or any person. To any supporter or anyone who claims to be acting in my name as a way to show their support, this is not the way. Please stop such reprehensible behavior. This only further hurts those who have experienced and endured the negative impacts of such actions.
To anyone who has been subjected to any form of harassment, intimidation, or bullying: You have my full support, sympathy, and commitment to end such behavior no matter who or what the cause of it is. I continue to believe in restorative justice, and to that end, I renew my willingness to meet with the women who have spoken out and have been harmed to begin the process of healing.
Furthermore, I agree that multiple approaches for systemic change are needed. I support Jaclyn Moreno’s recommendation for change. Let’s be inclusive regarding changes with policies and procedures, not just only in the city, but hopefully in the CSD and school district as well. We should also jointly form an ethics commission that will review the rights and due process of all, including women and girls. I am hopeful we will come together to heal and better serve Elk Grove.

After Ly’s statement, Singh-Allen and Chaires Espinoza issued their own replies.

Bobbie Singh Allen’s statement in response to Ly’s statement.

“It is hard to believe that Steve Ly is STILL not acknowledging or taking responsibility for his own actions in directly harassing women in our community. We are not calling on him to acknowledge that harassment exists in the abstract, but to acknowledge and change HIS pattern of behavior that is years-long.”

EGUSD Trustee Nancy Chaires Espinoza statement responding to Mr. Ly’s statement

“Steve Ly’s statement—only issued days before the City Council considers censuring him—oddly fails to include any elements of an actual apology. There is no expression of regret for what he’s done,
explanation of what he did wrong, repentance, offer of repair to his victims, request for forgiveness, and most importantly: no acknowledgement of responsibility. He simply continues to add insult to the mounting list of injuries.”

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