Third paintball incident in past week hits Elk Grove/South Sacramento area

Over the past week, there have been three paintball attacks in the Elk Grove and South Sacramento areas. Two occurred in Elk Grove and one just north, in the city of Sacramento.

One week ago a man was jogging in the area near Shasta Lily and Jones Park when he was struck in the arm leaving a large welt. The suspects sped away in a gray sedan. The Elk Grove police department is investigating that incident.

The following night a home in the Calvine and Franklin Blvd area was struck by paintball pellets. A report was filed with the Sacramento police department.

The third incident occurred last night. A man was standing outside a business in the 5600 block of Whitelock Parkway when he was struck in the face by a paintball pellet. According to a social media post sent to Elk Grove Laguna Forums, the suspects were in a vehicle that then sped away. The Elk Grove Police Department confirmed that a report was filed and is being investigated.

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