Cosumnes Community Services District announces virtual meetings to address park funding shortfalls

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD) will be holding a series of virtual meetings to connect with residents in three areas that are experiencing funding shortfalls that could lead to reduced maintenance of some parks.

The three areas are West Vineyard, Laguna West and the central part of Elk Grove, east of 99. There will be two meetings for each area. Resident must register to participate.

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Benefit Zone 3

Benefit Zone 4

Benefit Zone 6

Map showing each benefit zone by color

Benefit Zones and L&L Assessments

These landscape assessments are collected in 13 benefit zones (BZs) throughout the District to support the facilities in that zone. In addition, there are four “overlays” (smaller zones within the primary zones) in which subsets of property owners have approved an additional assessment to maintain or expand parks located in their neighborhoods. 

Each benefit zone has a unique assessment amount that reflects the number and size of its parks, trails and streetscapes, relative to the number of homes, apartments and commercial properties in that zone. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, assessment amounts range from $93 to $468 per household.

Please review our annual engineer’s report for more information on how L&L assessment rates are calculated:

More information can be found on the CSD website

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