Elk Grove business brings joy during the pandemic

One local woman has managed to turn the Covid 19 pandemic into an opportunity to help spread cheer to others during this unprecedented time.

In late March Tiffany Meusling got a call that no one wants to receive. Her papa was in the emergency room with walking pneumonia and he also tested positive for Covid19. If and when he was able to come home someone would need to be there to help him back to health. She knew what she had to do and maybe what that meant for her and her family, so she packed up and went to live with her grandparents. Sadly, while taking care of her nana who also had Covid19, her papa passed away in the hospital. Not too long after that Tiffany also got Covid19 and had to live away from her family for about 7 weeks.

While being gone Tiffany missed a few celebrations back home, she thought how can I celebrate the people in my life from far away? Well, she decided to send them a yard card as a birthday surprise! After they received the yard cards, the results were in and they LOVED them so much! Tiffany thought how can I be a part of helping families and friends celebrate the people they love in this time when we can’t all be together. Fast forward to June when Tiffany became the owner of HOORAY Yard Cards Elk Grove. Over the past 6 months, Tiffany has helped over 300 families celebrate by bringing the party to their yards with HOORAY yard cards.

Hooray Yard Cards have been so popular at birthday car parades, drive-thru baby showers, graduations, new home purchases, retirements, welcome homes, and also a BIG way to say THANK YOU to all of the essential workers out there. Families have been able to stand behind their signs and wave as family and friends drive by. They can also have little photoshoots with friends and still be able to practice social distancing. Tiffany also looks forward to welcoming students back to school when the time comes.

Tiffany spends her days taking orders, helping her clients personalize each yard card to the recipient’s favorite things, and putting sign displays together to go out for delivery. She and her amazing team install the signs late at night or very early in the morning so that families can be surprised in the light of day. One of her favorite things is getting messages and pictures from the families with how much they LOVED their Hooray Yard Card and how special it made the day! “This is why we do what we do, we love spreading happiness, joy, and love, to so many families in such an unknown time. It’s our goal to WOW each and every one of our clients. She is so thankful for all of the support that the Elk Grove community has shown her business and she looks forward to celebrating with even more
families in 2021!

Follow Hooray Yard Cards Elk Grove on Facebook.  Call or visit their website for more information. (916) 549-9835

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