Elk Grove Receives $21.8 Million in Transportation Grant Funding

The City of Elk Grove issued the following press release last week

City Receives $21.8 Million in Transportation Grant Funding

Elk Grove, Calif. – On March 30, the California Department of Transportation awarded the City an $8.8 Million grant from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) for a single project related to traffic signal modifications at 76 intersections that will help reduce collision rates. This was a statewide grant competition and the City was successful in receiving the largest single project grant award in the state.

Then on April 15, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) awarded the City a total of $13 Million in federal grant funds for six more projects. These federal grants are from SACOG’s 2021 Regional Funding Round and Regional Active Transportation Program (ATP). Details of these seven grant awards are summarized below:

Traffic Signal Modifications at 76 Intersections, $8.8M AwardThis project will provide safety improvements at 76 signalized intersections in the City with posted speeds of 40 MPH or higher. The improvements include enhanced vehicle detection, replacement of 8-inch signal heads with 12-inch signal heads and adding retro-reflective borders to all signal heads. The combination of these improvements typically reduces collision rates at signalized intersections by up to 55%.

Kammerer Rd Two-Lane Extension – I-5 to Bruceville Road, $5M AwardThis project will construct a 2-lane Kammerer Rd. including a bridge crossing at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. Also included is the extension of Willard Pkwy to Kammerer Rd. This Project will complete the connection between I-5 and SR-99 which will alleviate congestion on Elk Grove Boulevard and Laguna Boulevard. This grant provides funding for the right of way acquisition phase, thereby advancing the project further toward construction.

North Laguna Creek Area, Big Horn Blvd, and Franklin Blvd Improvements, $2,575,000 AwardThis project will resurface the asphalt pavement on Big Horn Boulevard. This will reduce overall maintenance costs and improve facilities for cycling on Franklin Boulevard and Big Horn Boulevard by adding enhanced bike lanes.

Replacement of 40-ft Buses, $2,176,000 AwardThis grant will allow the City to replace up to four buses that have exceeded their 12-year useful life. The buses will be used to support fixed-route local and commuter transit service for the City. While this does not fully fund the City’s original request to replace six buses, the grant funds a majority of the costs for the replacement of four buses, and staff anticipates that there will be enough alternative local funding available in the near future to cover the remaining expenses for the two additional bus replacements planned.

Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Crossing at State Route 99, $1,775,000 AwardThis project will construct a new trail crossing at State Route 99. The trail crossing will remove the freeway barrier that separates the existing Laguna Creek Trail system on the west side of State Route 99 to the ultimate trail system on the east side of State Route 99. This project will expand and close a major gap in the City’s non-motorized transportation system as well as create recreational opportunities in accordance with the City’s Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan. The grant provides funding for the environmental, design and right of way acquisition phases thereby advancing the project further toward construction.

Elk Grove Blvd Adaptive Traffic Signal Pilot Project, $1,035,000 AwardThis project will upgrade traffic signal control systems necessary to implement an adaptive traffic signal corridor which will reduce congestion and improve travel time reliability for drivers. Improvements are planned at 13 signalized intersections along Elk Grove Boulevard from Backer Ranch Rd to Elk Grove-Florin Rd, including the E. Stockton Blvd. and State Route 99 northbound freeway on-ramps.

Grant Line Rd and Wilton Rd Operational Improvements, $500,000 AwardThis project will provide operational improvements at Grant Line Rd. and Wilton Rd. consistent with the Grant Line Rd – Sheldon Area Precise Roadway Plan. This grant allows the City to complete environmental clearance for the first phase of the City’s Grant Line Rd – Sheldon Area Precise Roadway Plan. Ultimately, construction of the improvements will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

“Creating safe roads, reducing congestion, and improving mobility to help our residents reach their destinations are top priorities for the City”, said City Manager Jason Behrmann. “We’re thrilled and appreciative to be the recipients of these grant awards to help us achieve these goals. We sincerely thank SACOG as well as Caltrans for recognizing the value and importance of these projects”.
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