Upgrades To Transport Infrastructure Create Safer Roads And Improve Mobility

Upgrades To Transport Infrastructure Create Safer Roads And Improve Mobility

Over $490 million has recently been assigned by the California Transportation Commission to upgrade highways and public transport networks throughout the state. This funding will pay for a range of improvements from small road repairs to large bridge rehabilitation projects. And in the future, private investment could also add a super speed transportation system known as the Hyperloop to the state’s transport networks. In addition to benefiting from funding for state-wide infrastructure improvements, the city of Elk Grove has also been awarded its own transportation grants, totaling over $20 million. This money will be used to create safer roads and improve mobility throughout the city.

High Speed Travel For The Future

As well as working on improving its own road safety and public transport, Elk Grove is home to a company that is currently contributing to a high-tech mode of travel that could potentially reduce the travel time between San Francisco and Los Angeles to just 45 minutes. GNB Corporation are manufacturing gate valves for the Hyperloop transport system, where capsules travel through a vacuum pipe at up to 700 mile per hour. The gate valves are almost two stories high, but, like any valve in a piping system, they play a crucial role in the safe and smooth running of these networks. Routine inspection is essential, and articulated fiber optic cameras, or borescopes, are ideal for examining smaller components and pipework. SPI Borescopes (https://spiborescopes.com/) notes the variety and versatility of the inspection kits that are used to safely check operating equipment without causing unnecessary repair downtime.

Upgrading And Expanding Bus Services

Until super speed transport systems become a reality, an increasing number of locals in California find that simply taking the bus is an efficient way to get around, especially where roads are congested and parking is limited. To continue support for local and commuter services around Elk Grove, a portion of the recent transportation grant will be spent on replacing four buses that have reached the end of their useful life. Now that students are returning to in-person learning, more buses and drivers are also required to transport them to and from school. The lack of transportation is having a negative impact on students and their families; however, school districts are now hoping to hire more drivers to cover a greater number of routes. 

While plans for a high-tech rapid transit system are still in the pipeline, generous transportation funding will improve a growing network of routes for all road users in Elk Grove.

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