Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary September 16, 2021

Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary


Thursday, September 16, 2021


No major incidents or arrests logged.


Time: 0735 hours
Report #: 21-006214
Charges: PC 245 (A)(1)
Location: Fall Way / Mapleview Way
S-1 (Elk Grove resident) was in a verbal argument with V-1 that escalated when S-1 struck V-1 with a
bat. S-1 was arrested and then transported to the main jail.


Time: 2020 hours
Report #: 21-006229
Charges: PC 530.5 (A)
Location: 8400 block of Laguna Grove Dr.
S-1 (Sacramento resident) was arrested for using the personal identifying information of V-1 in anA
attempt to purchase an item. S-1 was arrested and then transported to the main jail.

Time: 2115 hours
Report #: 21-006233
Charges: PC 496 (A), PC 10851 (A)
Location: 8700 block of Freesia Dr.
S-1 (Sacramento resident) was contacted as the driver of a vehicle reported stolen. S-1 was arrested
and then transported to the main jail.


Time: 2330 hours
Report #: 21-006235
Charges: HS 11350 (A), 11377 (A), 11364
Location: 8400 block of Auto Passage Dr.
S-1 (Elk Grove resident) was contacted during a call for service. A record check of S-1 revealed he was on probation. A probation search of S-1 led to the discovery of controlled substances. S-1 was arrested, issued a citation and then released.


Crime Tips Via Text Messaging through “TipSoft”

Members of the community having information regarding criminal activity can send tips via SMS text message by entering CRIMES (274637) on their cell phones, followed by Tip732 (agency identification number) and the message. Once users type in their message and press send, they will receive a confirmation text indicating that the message was received.

“Tipsoft” should not be considered a replacement for contacting the Elk Grove Police Department via telephone (916) 714-5115 (non-emergency), (916) 714-5111 / 911 (emergency) or (916) 691-0411 (anonymous tip line). Instead, “Tipsoft” should be seen as an alternative method of contacting law enforcement to provide information regarding non-urgent illegal activity, such as unsolved cases, vandalism, graffiti, theft and narcotics related issues.

You can help Elk Grove Detectives solve a crime by providing information. You may remain anonymous, but please, let us know what you know.

* All information is obtained from the Elk Grove Police Department Daily Watch Summary. Booking photos are provided by the Elk Grove Police Department if the suspects are still in custody.  

Elk Grove Laguna Forums Legal Disclaimer

Pursuant to both California and federal law, there are extensive protections for media publication of public record information, including arrest records and mug shots. Arrest records and mug shots that are “newsworthy matters of which the public has the right to be informed” are protected speech and may be published without risk of legal ramifications. (See, e.g., Coverstone v. Davies (1952) 38 Cal.2d 315, 323; Kapellas v. Kofman (1969) 1 Cal. 3d 20, 38.) As the Elk Grove Laguna News posts information regarding recent local crimes and arrests for the use of Elk Grove residents, these records are clearly newsworthy to local residents who have a right to be performed of crime occurring locally. Arrestees and suspect’s privacy rights are not violated by “prompt and accurate public reporting of the facts and circumstances of his arrest.” (Loder v. Mun. Ct.(1976) 17 Cal. 3d 859, 865, 553 P.2d 624, 628.)

Mugshots and arrest records are considered public domain pursuant to the California Public Record Act Section 6254(f). While there is no legal obligation that we remove the mugshots and identifying information upon request, we do so as a courtesy to those involved. 


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