Elk Grove Police release details on in-custody death


ELK GROVE, CA – On September 23, 2021, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Elk Grove police officers responded to a call for service from Consumnes Fire Department personnel requesting immediate assistance for an emergency in the area of Laguna Park Drive and Seasons Drive. An officer arrived and located fire personnel standing with an adult male. The male was acting erratic and standing outside of a vehicle stopped in the roadway. One of our Mobile Crisis Support Teams, which includes a mental health clinician, arrived on scene shortly after.

While trying to detain the male, the male physically resisted the officer’s efforts and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, the male kicked officers and the physical confrontation continued down to the ground. Eventually, officers were able to detain the male in handcuffs. While handcuffed and seated on the ground, the male intentionally hit his head on the concrete. While officers were speaking with the male, he again became physically resistive, again kicking an officer. Officers then placed the male in a WRAP, safe restraint device. The officers who were involved in this incident were not injured during the struggle.

Fire department personnel transported the male, who was alert, conscious, and speaking, to an area hospital for medical clearance prior to incarceration. While at the hospital, the male remained alert, conscious and speaking. At approximately 2:45 p.m., while still at the hospital, the male suffered an unknown medical emergency. Despite efforts from medical staff, the male died. The name of the deceased has not been released and identification will be made by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

This investigation will be conducted by the Elk Grove Police Department’s Investigation Bureau, which is standard practice for any death while in-custody. To maintain full transparency and in accordance with policy, there will also be two independent reviews into the incident, one by the Elk Grove Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau as well as one by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

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