Maintaining and Repairing Properties in Elk Grove to Minimize Storm Damage

By Cindy Trillo

On October 24, California was hit by a category 5 atmospheric river, a channel of condensed water vapor in the air, that caused record breaking rainfall and extensive flooding. Up until the week before, Sacramento had seen over 200 days without rain, and then over 5 inches fell in just one day.  California has experienced a series of extreme weather events this year from violent storms to raging wildfires many of which have caused damage to properties throughout the state. For new and existing homeowners in Elk Grove, carrying out regular maintenance and repairs to their property can help to reduce the impact of storm damage and even prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Maintaining Appliances After Outages

Extreme weather events can often lead to a loss of power to homes and businesses. The latest bomb cyclone unleashed a storm on the West Coast that caused extensive flooding across San Francisco Bay, mudslides on State Route 70 and power outages in over 160000 homes throughout California.  Smooth running appliances create a comfortable home and being without electricity temporarily can be very disruptive. However, even when the power is switched back, high voltages can create a surge which can cause permanent damage to appliances and equipment. This can be avoided by unplugging appliances during a storm but, if the damage has already occurred, organizing reliable and affordable repairs will ensure a home is fully functioning again as soon as possible.

Clearing Drains to Prevent Flooding

During the recent storm, the Elk Grove Public Works Hotline took 550 calls from residents concerned about flooding in the local area.  The record-breaking amount of rainfall overwhelmed the otherwise fully operational drainage system in the city, and crews were kept busy clearing any blockages caused by the water and relieving areas of flooding. Homeowners can help to prevent water choking and overflowing from their own drainage systems during heavy rainfall by ensuring they are always kept clear of leaves, tree roots and other debris. 

Inspecting Roofs for Damage

Devastation caused by the powerful storm also included the collapse of a roof on a sports facility in Rancho Cordova causing $75000 worth of damages.  High winds and heavy rain can cause roofs to cave in especially if their integrity is already compromised by missing or loose shingles. Regularly inspecting the condition of a roof will identify problems that can be easily fixed to prevent further damage in the future. As well as replacing missing shingles, any build up of moss should be removed from the roof as it can trap moisture which then seeps down to the roof struts. In addition, gutters should be regularly cleared of leaves in order to stop rainwater spilling over and causing structural damage to walls and foundations.

Storms and heavy rainfall throughout California have caused considerable damage to homes and businesses. By ensuring their properties are well maintained, residents of Elk Grove can minimize any potential damage that may be caused by extreme weather events in the future.

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