Time for “real’ Republicans to speak up

The time has come for the “real” Republicans to speak up. Stop being the silent majority of the party, and stop letting the fringe far-right dictate what the party supports and does.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. The party made a deal with the devil in 2016 and now that threatens to destroy the party as it moves forward. Do they continue following Trump and the big lie about the election and whatever other nonsense he is pushing? Or do they take the party back?

President Biden has been a disaster. Some of it may not be all his fault, but plenty of it is. The pullout from Afghanistan was a disaster. Whatever agreement former President Trump had made with the Taliban doesn’t excuse how the Biden Administration handled it.

After the inauguration, Biden immediately started to undo some of what the former President had done, instead of trying to guide the country. He halted construction on part of the Keystone Pipeline and used executive orders to undo other parts of Trump’s policies. Gas prices, which were already going up because people were driving more, kept getting higher. Even though economists said cancelling Keystone didn’t lead to an increase in gas prices, the coincidence was hard to ignore and of course, used by Trump supporters to blame Biden. Inflation is up to its highest point since the Carter administration. Gas prices are setting records. The current administration promised to handle covid and hasn’t done that.

That leaves a huge opening for the Republican Party. Americans believe the Republican Party is better able to run the economy. More Americans trust Republicans on national security. Yet the party may not be able to capitalize on Biden’s low approval ratings because party leadership is afraid to distance itself from the former president. The trend is for the party that holds the presidency to lose seats in Congress at the midterms. That happened with both Obama and Trump. It will likely happen again in 2022. Republicans will likely take over the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The issue is the Republicans have a Trump problem. The party has been unable or unwilling to distance itself from Trump. Republican leaders can’t even publicly say they think Trump lost out of fear of losing support. They have let Trump continue to lie about the election. While Trump’s policies as President may have been something Republicans agreed with, his behavior as president is something no one should agree with. It is more than the “mean tweets” as his supporters like to say. It was the absolute lack of common decency that we should expect from the leader of our country. The problem is Republicans enabled it and in doing so they created a monster. Everything Trump accomplished, he could have done without acting like a 5-year-old. Ignore the media. Creating enemies with the media didn’t help him or the country. Every president gets attacked by the media. The smart ones, which is everyone but Trump, don’t attack the media every day. There’s an old saying, never argue with someone that buys ink by the gallon. It’s just not smart.

I have had many discussions with fellow Republicans about Trump. The majority of the people I know that are Republicans agree with me that the party needs to move on without him. But some just don’t understand how he has influenced how people think and behave. Some think it’s only a small percentage that is conspiracy believers. Trump has convinced some that every news source is “fake news” and can’t be trusted as they themselves follow biased media and fringe websites. They accuse others of being “sheep” as they themselves believe in his lies and follow him farther and farther down the rabbit hole. Some of the things that Trump supporters believe are scary. Outlandish conspiracies, new world order, covid was all about getting him out of office, and more.

The scary thing is some of these people are in Congress and making our laws. Well, actually they aren’t making laws because they do absolutely nothing in Congress besides act like buffoons. The things said by Marjorie Taylor Greene have been well documented. Arizona Republican Paul Gosar supports Trump’s election lies and was recently in hot water over an animated video he tweeted showing him attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden. Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert joked about Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar being a terrorist. She then apologized for it. Omar herself has been accused of making anti-Semitic comments. Republicans in Congress have failed to condemn the actions by Gosar, Greene and, Boebert. These three and others like them are an embarrassment to Congress, Americans and, the Republican Party.

As Republicans, we need to be better than this. Stop supporting and start denouncing far-right groups and individuals that do not believe in the principles of the party. I don’t care if Democrats or the far left do it too. That’s not a reason to act this way. This behavior is not acceptable. January 6th is not acceptable because of the riots and protests of 2020. Calling Omar a terrorist isn’t acceptable because she made antisemitic comments. Both are wrong. A lot of Republicans have left the party over the past year and are disgusted by the direction Republicans are going. I have thought about that many times myself but that’s not right. The ones who stopped acting like Republicans should leave the party and form their own conspiracy party. They like to call us RINOs. They are CINOs. Conservatives In Name Only. Their behavior is not in line with Conservative values and principles. Conservatives do not support racist groups or accept their support. Conservatives support police officers, not attack them. Conservatives support the Constitution, not ignore it.

One issue facing this country is that we look at who did something before deciding if it was right or wrong. If “our” party did it, then it is okay. If “they” did it, then it’s wrong. The hypocrisy goes both ways. we are divided not just by left and right, but by black and white.

Republicans need to get back to what the party has stood for. Public safety, national defense, lower taxes and cut spending. It is hard to differentiate between Republicans and Democrats in Congress because both are increasing spending. Trump increased the national debt in his four years. He didn’t cut spending. Biden is saying hold my beer while he and democrats try to pass their huge spending plan. Republicans are going to have to figure out a way to move forward without Trump or risk becoming irrelevant. Young people in their 20’s and 30’s are not flocking to the party.

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