Elk Grove Police to get additional license plate readers

Earlier this evening, the Elk Grove City Council approved a proposal to purchase additional license plate readers for the Elk Grove Police Department. The department has had the Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) on some patrol vehicles.

In August 2021 the city entered into an agreement to add five stationary ALPR’s in the city for a 60 day trial period.

From the City Staff Report

ALPR technology captures digital images of license plates on vehicles as they pass cameras located throughout the city. The license plate is scanned at a high rate of speed and cross-checked against a database. If a vehicle is identified as stolen or wanted, an EGPD employee is notified. The ALPR system stores the location, time, vehicle information, and photos of the vehicle and license plate. All of this data can be retrieved and used for investigative purposes. This technology has been extremely successful in assisting EGPD in apprehending criminals committing crimes both in Elk Grove and other jurisdictions.

The staff report listed two examples of how the license plate readers have helped EGPD. Due to the success during the time it was used, the Elk Grove Police Department requested 45 additional ALPR devices to provide coverage to the city. Total cost for the readers will be just under $275,000.

Example of an ALPR
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