Sacramento Sheriff announces arrests in Elk Grove School District social media threats

Earlier this week Laguna Creek High School in the Elk Grove Unified School District was the subject of social media threats that led to many parents keeping their kids home from school and outrage from the Elk Grove community.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, which provides security for schools in the EGUSD, announced that two arrests were made.

The Sheriff’s Department issued the following statement on their Facebook page

NEWS RELEASE: SOCIAL MEDIA SCHOOL THREATS – MULTIPLE ARRESTSOn December 7, 2021, The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Elk Grove Unified School District Resource Team investigated an Instagram social media threat against Laguna Creek High School in the city Elk Grove.On December 8, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Team identified two Laguna Creek High School students, a 16-year-old male and a 16-year-old female in connection to the threats.The 16-year-old female student was arrested (cited) for California Education Code 32210 (Any person who willfully disturbs any public school or any public-school meeting is guilty of a misdemeanor). After citing, the student was left in the care of her family with a promise to appear in court at a future date.The 16-year-old male student was arrested (cited) for Penal Codes 71 (crime to threaten public officials, and public employees {including teachers} to prevent them from performing their duties) and 422 (criminal threats). These charges can be felony or misdemeanor but are being charged as misdemeanors for this incident. After citing, the student was left in the care of his family with a promise to appear in court at a future date.Be mindful that all social media activity leaves a digital signature that can be traced by law enforcement; threats against schools, teachers or students will be investigated and prosecuted. We ask parents to monitor and discuss the dangers of misusing social media and encourage responsible social media use with their children. Please help your children to understand the serious consequences involved in threatening behavior on social media that will lead to criminal prosecution. Safety in our schools remains a top priority.The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information relating to this incident, to please contact the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP. Tip information may also be left anonymously at www.sacsheriff.com or by calling (916) 874-TIPS (8477).

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