Apple air tags being used by criminals

Apple’s Air Tag device is increasingly being used by criminals to steal vehicles and possibly to stalk individuals.

Thieves are placing the Air Tags on vehicles and then tracking them back to the owner’s homes and then using technology to hack the vehicle ignition and steal the vehicles.

NBC News reported that a few days before Christmas a woman left a business in her vehicle and was notified that an Apple Air Tag was “moving” with her and “The location of this AirTag can be seen by the owner.” The woman then searched her purse and belongings looking for the device. She decided not to go home and stayed somewhere else. The next morning a friend found the Air Tag inside the wheel well.

Police are concerned the Air Tags could be used to stalk victims as well as other nefarious purposes, such as tracking children.

Apple introduced the Air Tag in April 2021 as a way for consumers to track frequently lost items like purses and car keys. The Air Tags have also been used to help find stolen vehicles.

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