Elk Grove Unified updates Covid-19 exposure notification process

The following is from the Elk Grove Unified School District

January 11, 2022

Dear Elk Grove Unified Students, Parents and Families,

Due to the current surge of positive cases and based on the most recent guidance from public health, we are streamlining our contact tracing efforts to continue keeping our students and staff at school.

Effective immediately, we will expedite our exposure notification process and now email all who share a classroom with a positive case as soon as we learn of an exposure reported at school instead of making individual calls. This allows school staff to better allocate limited time and resources for performing more concise contact tracing in specific areas where unmasked, indoor exposures may exist.

Under the revised notification process, when the school receives a report of a positive case, the following criteria will apply to the entire class as follows:

  • If your child was exposed and is fully vaccinated (2 COVID-19 vaccine doses) and asymptomatic, they may stay in school and will not need to get tested
  • If your child was exposed and is not fully vaccinated and remains asymptomatic, they may stay in school, but will need to get tested on Day 5 in order to mitigate the potential for further spread.

As a reminder, if your child is experiencing symptoms of illness and/or if they test positive for COVID-19, please keep them home from school, contact your school and follow isolation guidance.

  • Those who are symptomatic will be isolated and sent home. Please note that for those that test positive, isolation can now end after Day 5 if symptoms are not present or are resolving and test negative on Day 5 or later.

Testing Options for Students and Staff (PCR and/or Rapid Antigen Test)

  • Parents should register in advance, if they have not already done so, at https://school.covidclinic.org and request an order number for a test.
  • EGUSD Employees must register using their EGUSD email account.
  • Note: COVID Clinics have been experiencing staffing shortages. Clinic closures will be posted online: http://www.egusd.net/covid-19-vaccine-clinic-plan/.
  • Home Test Kit
  • Medical Provider
  • Community Testing Sites: Access testing at one of the many community testing sites listed at the Sacramento County COVID-19 Symptom Screening Mobile Testing Sites.

We thank everyone who continues to do their part to reduce the further spread of COVID-19 by adhering to mitigation strategies of mask wearing, hand washing, distancing, getting vaccinated, testing their children before sending them to school, and staying home if sick or symptomatic. Schools will continue to welcome and accept a student’s proof of vaccination and parents may email a copy of their child’s proof of vaccination or bring a copy of it to the school’s front office staff. We hope to return to a less restrictive environment soon and expect to have additional updates by the end of the week on important public health topics.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in keeping our schools safe for all,
EGUSD Leadership

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