Getting Used to New Surroundings: Life After Immigrating

By Emily Graham emily@mightymoms.net

Getting Used to New Surroundings: Life
After Immigrating

Moving to a new place is always a bit hard. You have to get used to a new set of
surroundings, as well as new ways of doing things. Moving to a new country can be even
harder. If you’ve recently immigrated to the U.S., you may feel out of place.
Don’t worry though! You’re not alone. If you’re trying to get used to life after immigrating,
keep reading! Elk Grove Laguna News compiled plenty of tips to help you get used to your
new life, and how to keep in touch with the people you love back home.

Connecting With Your New Community

If you’re looking to connect with members of your new community, you’re in luck! There are
plenty of ways to do just that. Check out how you can get involved below.

Volunteer Work

If you want to get to know some of the people in your new community, get involved with
volunteer work! Volunteering is one of the best ways to get in touch with your neighborhood
and learn a little bit about your neighbors.

Find a Place of Worship

Places of worship are a great way to get involved with your local community. There’s nothing
better than people coming together to share their beliefs with one another. Find your place of
worship to find like-minded members of your new community.

Join a Club

There are tons of clubs to get involved within every community! If you’re into sports,
consider joining a recreational league. If you have a specific hobby or interest, ask around
the community to find out what clubs support your interests. Clubs are a great way to get in
touch with people who like to do what you enjoy, too!

Keeping Your Old Community Alive

Just because you’ve left your home country doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your old
community, too. Check out these ideas to stay in touch with the people back home.

Keep in Touch on Social Media

The internet allows us all to stay connected far better than we were able to in the past. Start
a group chat, or communicate via posts and comments on the social media platform of your choice. Social media is one of the best ways to stay informed and to inform your loved ones
about what’s going on in your life. Use it to stay in touch with loved ones.

Send Money Back Home

Often, when you immigrate to the U.S., it’s to make a better living for yourself. When you do
this, it’s easy to tell your loved ones you’re thinking about them by sending money back
home. If you’re working on sending money back home, consider using a transfer service. It’s
the best way to send money safely, reliably, and quickly, with little to no fees and competitive
transfer rates.

Immigration Requires Some Adjustment

The adjustment process after immigration can be a long one. However, it’s well worth it.
Connecting with your local community can make the adjustment process much easier. When
you start to connect and relate to the people around you and keep in touch with people back
home, you can truly start to find happiness in your new situation. Be sure to make new
connections, and to strengthen your old ones.

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