No mask, no school for Oakdale students

Students in the Oakdale Joint Unified School District will have to wear masks or they will not be allowed in school starting today.

Last week some students protested the mask mandate. forcing the school district to issue a letter to students and parents. The district stated that disrespectful behavior has increased as well as bullying of students wearing masks.

Our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff. When OJUSD originally heard of last week’s impending protest, we were led to believe that it would be civil, safe, and peaceful. This has not been the case. The protests this week have resulted in a marked increase in disrespectful, unruly behavior and in an increase in aggressive and violent threats toward students, staff, and board members. On Friday, a father directly threatened both male and female staff members with such fury that we are working with Oakdale Police regarding this matter. Students are being regularly bullied for wearing masks by both fellow students and others. People have made it clear over social media, email, and in person that their verbal threats will become physical if they don’t get their way. We are in the process of considering postponing our regularly scheduled board meeting set for February 7, 2022, because of threats of physical violence. This is not acceptable. Bullying from students or adults will not be tolerated. In addition, we’d like to remind all adults that parents are not allowed on campus at any time.

Oakdale Joint Union School District

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