Best US Cities for Digital Nomads to Call Home

By Emily Graham | emily@mightymoms.net

Best US Cities for Digital Nomads to Call Home

There’s no doubt about it, remote working is here to stay. Furthermore, if you’re a gig economy nomad, you’re probably enjoying the perks of remote working more than most. Not only do you have the luxury of working according to your own schedule, but you can also choose where you want to live and work, ultimately. If you’re in the US, here are some of the best places in the country to work in and call home if you wanted to.

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Sun, fun, and good food coupled with a city that is full of life around the clock is what most people identify with when it comes to living in Miami. So, it’s no surprise then that Miami is preferred by many digital nomads as a result of its vibrant city life. In addition to its bustling outdoor life, it is also relatively easy to find affordable accommodation in the area. What more could a digital nomad ask for?

Las Vegas

For digital nomads that work all hours of the night, Las Vegas is the type of city to live and work in that should suit you well. Furthermore, if you’re used to being on the go, Las Vegas has lots to see and do when work hits a quiet patch. Interestingly, rental prices in Las Vegas aren’t too bad either.


Even if you’re not the greatest country music fan, Nashville is still quite the place to be if you’re looking for a city that is a breath of fresh air. In fact, there’s something rather authentic about Nashville. You can feel it in the air as you explore those hidden treasures that make Nashville so unique. Furthermore, for a digital nomad, it could be just the place to be to make it big as so many others have. 

Moreover, there has been a significant spike in the number of people moving to Nashville over the last two years. And this doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Part of the reason why is that rentals cater to the nomadic lifestyle because they are often more affordable than other big-name cities and rental leases tend to be shorter. So, for digital nomads that tend to move around a lot, this represents the ideal scenario as far as cost of living goes.


Seattle is a top choice among digital nomads looking for a place to call home – even if just temporarily. As one of the largest and most prominent cities in the US, Seattle has something for everyone. Not only does it have a beautiful cityscape, but it’s also close to the sea and has three of the most beautiful national parks, all within arms reach. The city’s infrastructure is also top-notch with internet that is readily available as well as many coworking spaces available that you can use to check in for the day. While the cost of rentals in Seattle is not that cheap nowadays, you can still opt for Airbnbs and furnished apartments, for example.

Speaking of working and living in Seattle, say you don’t know quite what you’re looking for, but you know that Seattle is it for you. Then why not take a look at rentals in Seattle, WA for affordable rentals in your area? Moreover, you can specify what type of amenities you’re looking for (i.e. your ideal number of bedrooms, bathrooms, your ideal layout, etc.). Furthermore, you can cut your search time in half by taking advantage of 3D tours which are included in some listings. Elk Grove, in particular, is a bustling, thriving hub for digital nomads on the move. 

Spoiled for choice

Overall, the US really is the place to be and suits the gig economy lifestyle to a tee. Also, you won’t have to search far and wide to find something special just for you. In fact, all of these cities are just waiting to be explored by digital nomad explorers like you! 

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