California counties that have the least and most expensive gas prices

Gas prices in California on Thursday again reached an all-time high, with the latest statewide average now around $4.73 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

But many drivers across the Golden State are already paying more than that to fill up their tanks.

According to the latest AAA data, a handful of counties are either inching closer to the $5 per gallon mark or, in the case of Mono County, are already well above that figure.
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Here’s a list of the California counties where the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is averaging at least $4.90:

  • Mono: $5.587
  • Humboldt: $4.973
  • Inyo: $4.970
  • Trinity: $4.955
  • Del Norte: $$.945
  • Napa: $4.934
  • San Luis Obispo: $4.917

And here are other counties where cost is at or above $4.80:

  • Sonoma: $4.886
  • Marin: $4.882
  • San Mateo: $4.872
  • Nevada: $4.860
  • San Benito: $4.829
  • Sierra: $4.819
  • Placer: $4.800

As for the cheapest gas in the state, these 10 counties currently have the lowest average:

  • King: $4.450
  • Stanislaus: $4.462
  • Glenn: $4.486
  • Butte: $4.511
  • Yuba: $4.512
  • Madera: $4.536
  • Tehama: $4.550
  • Fresno: $4.551
  • Modoc: $4.552
  • Imperial: $4.563

With the exception of Bakersfield, every metropolitan area in the state reached a new record-high gas price this week, the Auto Club said Thursday in a news release.

In Southern California, motorists were on average paying the following for a gallon of regular unleaded: $4.78 in Los Angeles; $4.76 in Orange County; $4.70 in Riverside; $4.72 in San Bernardino; and $4.77 in Ventura.
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However, there might be a glimmer of good news in the future for drivers, as wholesale gas prices in L.A. have dropped about 14 cents per gallon since the beginning of this week, according to AAA’s Doug Shupe.

 “So we could see pump prices pause or drop soon if that trend continues,” he said in the release.

In the meantime, AAA says motorists can save some money by steering clear of premium gasoline, unless their vehicle requires the more expensive fuel.

“With premium fuel prices now averaging over $5 a gallon in many areas, the Auto Club urges drivers to double-check their vehicle owner manuals to find out if premium fuel is required or just recommended,” Shupe said. “If it is just recommended, regular unleaded gas is safe to use, according to the Auto Club’s Automotive Research Center.”

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