Community demands action after racist incidents at Sacramento Unified schools

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The community is demanding accountability after two recent racist graffiti incidents at Sacramento City Unified School District campuses.

On Friday, pictures were posted to social media of two McClatchy High School water fountains side-by-side with a written message above labeling them by race.

On Monday, racist graffiti was tagged on the wall of a building at Abraham Lincoln Elementary.  

The district painted over the graffiti and issued statements, but some community members believe the acts of discrimination could lead to something bigger if there aren’t consequences.
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“I think people are too comfortable with sweeping this under the rug. We are asking for change, but in change, you have to be uncomfortable,” local activist and Voice of the Youth founder Berry Accius told FOX40.

Visitors to the SCUSD website will see there are multiple posts responding to recent racist acts under the press release page, but some in the community the response is not enough, and believe the acts of hate could play a bigger factor in child development.

“What this speaks to are the broader cultural issues. It’s going to have reverberations that go beyond just the incident and it contributes to a culture in a school, in terms of how students are feeling about their peers, about the people who work there and about going to the place itself,” explained Public Health Advocates’ Dr. Flojaune Cofer.

FOX40 reached out to SCUSD liaison Mark Harris, who was recently hired to deal with these kinds of incidents but have yet to hear back. 

However, the district put out statements that stated: “the graffiti was painted over and support is being provided for those who were traumatized,” and, “the district is working with the police to fully investigate and take the next steps.” 
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Despite these steps, community leaders told FOX40 they want to see more be done.

The reason why they’re able to do it, because there’s no consequences,” Accius explained. “We don’t know who’s doing it. And I don’t think the district is doing enough.” 

The racism seems to be not just be limited to Sacramento.

Last month, a Folsom High School student came forward with her experiences of alleged racist bullying.

Cofer said the issue is a bigger problem that could have ripple effects.  

“We have to think about solutions that go beyond just the immediate of what happened to really address what the impact of what happened is, and that’s often where a lot of places fall short because we’re just not used to thinking about how these things have bigger implications than just what specifically happened,” Cofer explained.

SCUSD is in the process of firing a teacher from Kit Carson International Academy after a video leaked of them using a racial slur in class.

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