The reason why it costs more to move from California than to the state

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Using a moving truck to depart California is consistently more expensive than other states — and one truck rental company says the reason is very simple.

Quotes from U-Haul, Penske and Budget Truck Rental consistently showed that departing California was thousands of dollars more expensive than arriving in the golden state.

For these tests, we began in Fresno, CA and moved to Austin TX with the trip starting on Feb. 27.

A 10-foot truck from U-Haul traveling from Fresno to Austin was priced at $3,914. The same truck going in the opposite direction cost $1,409 making for a $2,505 difference between the two.
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Budget Truck Rental showed a similar anomaly. The price to take a 12-foot truck from Fresno to Austin on Feb. 27 was $4,186.92 – but the price to take the same truck in the opposite direction for the same amount of time was $1,016.96. The difference between the two is $3,169.69.

At Penske Truck Rental, a similar situation. Renting a 12-foot truck on Feb. 27 to drive it from Fresno to Austin cost $3,737.22 – but taking it the opposite direction was $1,305.15. The difference is $2,432.07.

In a statement, Penske said that the price difference came down to supply and demand.

Penske Truck Rental currently has more customers leaving California than moving back into California, which has been consistent throughout the pandemic period. This has caused a fleet imbalance due to the lack of return flow of rental trucks back into California. Thus, Penske ends up with an over-supply of trucks in Texas and not enough trucks in California.

Representatives from U-Haul also cited supply and demand for the variation in prices.

Penske officials added that the demand and higher additional costs associated with that supply issue are shown in higher rates for rental trucks moving from cities like Fresno into Austin.

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