Republicans announce proposals to address homelessness

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Republican lawmakers are proposing their solutions for the combined issue of mental health and homelessness in California. 

After Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a “CARE Court” program, GOP members of the Legislature unveiled their own plan to address mental health and provide shelter to those who are unhoused. 

“I had thought about all the things I had done and lives that I had ruined,” said Jamie Perez. 

Perez shared her story of recovery after being homeless, addicted to drugs and in and out of jail. 

“I just wished so much that things were different, that I had made better decisions or that someone would’ve stopped me,” Perez said. 
‘Disheartened’: Mixed reactions to governor’s latest homelessness proposal

Perez propped up part of a Republican proposal to act on homelessness by providing treatment to those who are addicted to drugs or mentally ill. Republican state lawmakers on Wednesday presented 17 new proposals to address California’s pressing homelessness crisis, including a proposal to expand who is eligible for conservatorship. 

Conservatorships involve a court appointing someone to make health decisions for those who have been deemed not capable of doing so themselves. 

“People who are unable to care for themselves or are a danger to others out on the street, and we see far too many of them on every street in California, will get the help and the resources that they need,” said Assembly Member James Gallagher, R-Yuba City. 

Republicans have mixed reviews about the governor’s CARE Court proposal, which could for some into the criminal justice or into a conservatorship if they don’t accept treatment. 

“Getting people off the streets, out of tents and into housing and treatment is essential, literally essential to making our streets safer for everyone,” Newsom said in his State of the State Address. 

Republican State Sen. Brian Dahle, who is attempting to unseat Newsom in this year’s governor’s race, supported the set of his party’s proposals. He said forced treatment programs could work, but cities and counties have to cooperate. 
What is Gov. Newsom’s CARE Court plan for California’s homeless?

“Everybody’s pointing fingers but at the end of the day, you have to get everybody in the same room and solve the problem. You put legislation with the money to get the results. You have to hold people accountable,” Dahle said. 

Another part of the proposals is accountability. There is a call for an audit of the billions in state spending on homelessness and its outcomes. It also requires the governor to put together a report on the status of existing homelessness efforts. 

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