Oscar drama, Will Smith slaps Chris Rock after joke about Jada Pinkett Smith

If you didn’t watch the Academy Awards last, chances are you heard about what happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith. Rock made a joke out of Pinkett Smith’s bald head and said “Jada, I love ya, GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see ya.” Will Smith initially laughed at the joke, but Pinkett Smith, who suffers from a hair loss condition, was not amused. Will Smith then walked on stage and appeared to slap Rock in the face, before walking back to his seat yelling at Rock, “keep my wife’s name out of your F–king mouth.”

A stunned Rock then said, “wow, that was the greatest night in the history of television.” Minutes later Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Richard Williams in the movie King Richard.

If you missed the video here are two videos shared on Twitter. The first one starts with the joke and contains some profanity. The second video starts a few seconds earlier, but bleeps out all the profanity.

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