Sacramento shooting update

The Sacramento Police Department held a news conference earlier this afternoon to provide some details on the deadly shooting that happened around 2 am Sunday morning.

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester released preliminary information on the shooting. Six people were killed and twelve others were hit by gunfire. Three of the deceased were male and three were female. All adults. Some of the deceased are still part of the crime scene and have not been moved.
Chief Lester stated a large fight took place and there were multiple shooters. A stolen gun was recovered at the scene. No suspects have been identified yet. Lester also said that there was a police camera in the area that caught part of the shooting.

The Sacramento Police Department is asking for the public’s help. Community members with related video can follow the link/QR code below to submit the video to SPD. https://sacramentopdca.evidence.com/axon/citizen/public/april3shooting

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