Sacramento State Police Department warns of increase in catalytic converter thefts

From the Sacramento State Police Department:

Crime Alert

The Sacramento State Police Department has again noticed a rise in the theft of catalytic converters from vehicle exhaust systems.

Catalytic converter thieves generally target high-profile vehicles such as trucks or SUVs because the higher ground clearance allows for easier access underneath the vehicle. However, sports cars and sedans are not immune to converter theft. We are seeing higher ground-clearance vehicles and Hondas targeted. These thefts have focused around Hornet Commons, Parking Lot 10, Parking Structure 5 and Folsom Hall. However, please be mindful that thefts can and do occur anywhere vehicles are parked. We have included photos below of people of interest in recent campus catalytic converter theft cases.

Catalytic converter thefts happen because the converters contain several types of recyclable materials that can be “scrapped” easily for a quick profit. Thefts of catalytic converters increase whenever the price of scrap metal, particularly platinum, increases. The city of Sacramento and Sacramento County also have seen an increase in catalytic converter thefts.

We are asking for the public’s help in providing any information about these crimes and suspects. Please contact the Sacramento State Police Department at 916-278-6000 if you have specific information regarding a recent catalytic converter theft or if you have been a victim.

Prevention Tips

What can you do to protect your vehicle? Here are a few prevention tips that can reduce your risk.

• Park in areas where your vehicle will be seen most easily by passers-by. For example, park under security cameras or lights after dark, if possible.

• Park defensively. Park high-profile vehicles so they are surrounded by low ground-clearance vehicles. This may deter thieves by making it harder for them to access the most vulnerable targets.

• If your catalytic converter is a “bolt on” model, you can have the bolts welded shut and have extra metal welded to the exhaust system.

• Install a catalytic converter protection device that will clamp around the converter.

• Etch your converter with your vehicle’s license plate number in several different locations. This will help police track your property if it is stolen.

Photos courtesy Sac State PD
Photos courtesy Sac State PD
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