Elk Grove Planning Commission Approves Major Housing Proposal

By Cindy Trillo

Elk Grove Planning Commission Approves Major Housing Proposal

The project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Poppy Ridge and Bruceville

Elk Grove is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Sacramento County as it experienced over 155% population growth between 2010-2020. Most of this growth comes from people wanting to move into the area, which aligns with the statistics that show California as one of the fastest-growing states in the country. To keep up with the demand for local accommodation, the Elk Grove Planning Commission has been hard at work improving the housing rates in the city.

Property Development Spurring Growth

There have been many real estate development deals that have been closed in Elk Grove over the past few years. One of the major developments was in the retail sector after a Philadelphia-based real estate investor bought Waterman Grove Plaza for around $18 million. Developments like these are one of the reasons that many people have decided over the past decade to make the move to Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento area. Retail and residential developments continue to expand as the planning commission of the city continues its mission to grow and improve the economy and community.

Creating Space For Development

One of the major tasks facing the planning commission, however, after the slew of property agreements and approvals, is land clearing, which is an essential endeavor that must be completed to ensure success in property development projects. There are various benefits to undertaking a land clearing task before developing property, such as the removal of pests and the promotion of tree and plant growth following construction. Land clearing also enhances the usability and aesthetics of the land, which could attract potential investors and buyers.

New 387 Unit Housing Development Planned

Besides the growth of property in the retail industry, a new 387 residential building has been approved for development by the Elk Grove Planning Commission and is set to commence construction sometime in 2022. The development will be known as the Poppy Grove Apartments and the project has been identified in the city’s housing element as one of the sites that will help the city meet its regional housing goals. This comes after the growth explained above has seen a major continuation into 2022.

Poppy Grove Apartments will consist of 14 apartment buildings, each with 74 one-bedroom units, 151 two-bedroom units, and 162 three-bedroom units. The developers and investors involved in the project see this development as being a marker for lower-cost housing in the area after property prices continued to soar in California over the past few years. These types of housing developments are greatly necessary and appreciated by the city of Elk Grove as they help to alleviate problems such as homelessness and poverty.

Major Construction That Fits The Mold

The architecture proposed for the project looks to align itself with the modern aesthetics that exist in the city of Elk Grove. Developers have described the design as “contemporary” and will be using

materials such as brick, veneer, and concrete sidings. The development is tipped to be one of the biggest yet, and will certainly go a long way towards increasing the availability of affordable residential housing. 

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