Starting a Business in Elk Grove: Why You’ll Love It Here

By Alyssa Strickland (alyssa@millennial-parents.com)

Starting a Business in Elk Grove: Why You’ll Love It Here

The decision to relocate to start a new business isn’t always easy. But, starting a business in Elk Grove might be the easiest choice you’ve ever made. With its impressively educated workforce and supportive community, this lakeside location can easily be your next headquarters. Elk Grove Laguna News explains why in today’s post.

It’s Easy To Launch

As you begin looking for areas to open your business, you’ll find that starting a business in Elk Grove is a fairly streamlined process. Consult with the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce to see what it takes to get ready to open your doors. You should confirm your legal structure, which, in many cases will be a limited liability company (LLC). This will help you handle financials, including taxes, without commingling your personal funds. Do keep in mind that rules around business formation are different from state to state, so it’s a good idea to research the nuances depending on which side of the lake you open your business.

As with any new business, you’ll want to get the word out about your products or services to as large an audience as possible. This includes having a social media presence, which should be part of your marketing strategy. Advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is made simple thanks to online tools and apps. In fact, you can use this to create a Facebook ad in no time, and, better yet, it’s free to use the templates to customize with your logo, branding message, and offerings.

Hometown Schools

If you are looking for an area with small and large schools, you cannot beat the Elk Grove area. There are 81 schools in the vicinity, and the school district is the fifth largest in California. It’s also one of the fastest-growing districts in the country. This gives your children a unique opportunity to learn under a growing number of highly qualified and experienced staff and administrators.

The Workforce Is Educated

Hometown schools are not the only educational draw of this town. Located just south of the state capital Sacramento, you also have a number of colleges within an hour’s drive, which makes finding an educated workforce a fairly simple task. Not only do you have technical colleges, you also have access to students from:

  • California State University, Sacramento
  • University of California, Davis
  • Cosumnes River College

The Area Is Affordable

One of the biggest perks to starting a business in Elk Grove is that the city has some of the most affordable cost-of-living statistics in the state. For example, according to BestPlaces, you can expect your median home price to be around $564,000, compared to $684,000 statewide. You can even rent a two-bedroom home for about $400 cheaper here than most other places in California. The city has been ranked the second-best city for homeownership in California, best Sacramento suburb for young couples, and the fastest-growing city for millennial home ownership in the state.

Affordability is crucial when you’re wanting to attract workers to any type of business. It also means you will likely have lower labor costs because those living in more affordable areas don’t have to earn Silicon Valley salaries.

So Many Events

Another compelling reason to consider starting a business in Elk Grove is the recent uptick in tourism in nearby Sacramento. Interest in the area is booming thanks to the variety of farm-to-fork restaurants and historical sites. This is due partly to the 250-plus days of sunshine that splashes the region, which offers outdoor enthusiasts ample opportunities to bike, picnic, and enjoy outdoor concerts. Elk Grove has over 97 community parks and 28 miles of trails.

Having many things to do means more people to shop your business. Perhaps more importantly, it also improves quality of life for both you and your employees.

A few major draws include:

  • Elk Grove Creek Trail
  • Laguna Creek Trail
  • McConnell Estates Winery
  • American Renaissance Institute of Arts

Elk Grove Laguna News has more information on events and activities throughout the region.

The People!

We’ve already mentioned the small town atmosphere and the great events, but it’s also important to stress that the people are top-notch. As you are planning to start your business in Elk Grove, you should know that you’ll have one of the most supportive communities in the nation. Local leaders are highly involved, and you have a great chance to network with other business owners through both professional channels and volunteer opportunities. As you visit look for:

The Weather

If you are an outdoorsy person, run a nature-oriented business, or are coming from the north, as already mentioned above, the Elk Grove area is highly conducive to an outdoor lifestyle. The coldest month is January, where temperatures still rarely dip below freezing. You’ll enjoy temperatures in the 70s and above most of the year.

No matter where you choose to start your business, do your research. But, when you’re considering California, consider Elk Grove. Between the people, events, supportive business environment and perpetual summer, you can’t go wrong.

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