Elk Grove Planning Commission to continue hearing on proposed Old Town apartment complex

The Elk Grove Planning Commission will continue its hearing on the proposed Oak Rose Apartment Complex this Thursday at 6 pm in Elk Grove City Council Chambers
8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758

City staff is recommending the proposal be denied. Below is their recommendation along with the potential next steps for the developer.

Recommended Motion
The Planning Commission’s role under SB35 is to review the Project against the City’s objective
standards, as discussed above. Staff recommends that the Planning Commission find that Project
does not meet with the City’s objective standards and is, therefore, not eligible for SB35 ministerial

Next steps
If the Planning Commission finds the Project to not comply with the SB35 criteria, in order to process
the development, the Applicant would need to prepare and submit a new SB35 application
restarting the City’s project review timeline. The Applicant may, alternatively, appeal the Planning
Commission’s determination to the City Council. The City Council would also separately
determine the propriety of the requested density bonus, concession, and/or incentives at an
upcoming City Council meeting.

The full staff report can be read here

The location for the development is 9252 Elk Grove Blvd.

The former Rite Aid location will be the future home of the Elk Grove Library.

The project does not comply with the Old Town Special Planning Area zoning which requires that the first floor of a multi-family housing project have pedestrian-oriented retail and commercial options. This is one of the reasons that city staff is recommending the project be denied

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