Suspect arrested for attempted carjacking in Elk Grove

The incident below occurred Thursday evening, June 16, around 9:30 pm near the intersection of Elk Grove Blvd and Harbour Point.

The suspect walked up to the victim who was inside his vehicle. The suspect asked the victim for an item and then proceeded to stab the victim in the lower arm. The suspect then tried to push the victim out of his vehicle, however, the suspect was unsuccessful. The suspect ran away and was later located by officers during an extensive search. During the investigation, it was discovered that the suspect had arrived before the incident in a reported stolen vehicle. The suspect, 23-year-old Timothy Davidson, was arrested and then transported to the main jail.

Time: 2138 hours
Report: 22-003202
Charges: PC 245 (A)(1), 664/ 215 (A), 496 (D
Location: Elk Grove Blvd. / Harbour Point

PC 664/215(A)  Felony    ATTEMPTED CARJACKING Bail: $100,000.00
Total Bail$100,000.00
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