Folsom Police watch summary June 25 – July 4, 2022

Folsom Police watch summary

6/25/2022 4:10 PMDriving Under the  InfluenceNatoma St/Scott St Beat 1Janice Lockwood, 73, of El Dorado County was contacted during a traffic stop. Arrested for 23152(A)  and 23152(B).
6/25/2022 12:20 PMResidential Burglary 100 Block Baldwin Lake Cr Beat 1Unknown suspects stole money and jewelry from residence.
6/25/2022 10:20 AMGrand Theft 100 Block Pradera Ct Beat 2Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.
6/25/2022 10:10 AMGrand Theft 100 Block Witmer Dr Beat 2Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.
6/25/2022 9:45 AMGrand Theft 100 Block Oneill Ct Beat 2Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.
6/26/2022 Driving Under  E. Bidwell St./Oak Avenue Pky Candace Anderson, 40, of Pollock Pines was contacted after being involved in a vehicle collision. Issued a  Beat 3 8:30 PM the Influence citation for 23152(A) and 23152(B).
6/26/2022 4:50 PMWarrant 2500 Block E. Bidwell St Beat 3Isaac Aboulafia, 26, of Sacramento was contacted and found to have an outstanding warrant. Booked at  Sacramento County Jail.
6/26/2022 Shoplifting 2400 Block Iron Point Rd Unknown suspect stole items from business.Beat 3 1:20 PM 
6/26/2022 8:00 AMCommercial  Burglary100 Block Riley St Beat 4Unknown suspect(s) smashed window to business and stole cash.
6/26/2022 Citation Glan Mady Wy/ Scholar Wy Michael Matthews, 33, of West Sacramento was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have a Beat 3 4:30 AM misdemeanor warrant. Citation issued.
6/27/2022  Warrant
1800 Block Prairie City Rd 
Tara Silva, 38, of Lincoln was contacted at the location. Arrested for outstanding warrants. Booked at  Beat 4 10:40 PM Sacramento County Jail.
6/27/2022 10:42 AMVandalism 200 Block Natoma Station Beat 4Unknown suspect(s) broke vehicle window. Nothing taken.
6/27/2022 10:40 AMVandalism 500 Block Oakdale St Beat 1Unknown suspect(s) broke into cluster mailbox.
6/28/2022 12:35 PMWarrant Riley St/Glenn Dr Beat 2Colin Gardner, 36, of Folsom was contacted at the location and found to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. New court date issued.
6/29/2022 1:35 PMResidential  Burglary200 Block Raymond Ln Beat 1Unknown suspect(s) broke into home and stole jewelry and other items. 
6/29/2022  12:15 PMWarrant School St/Penaranda Dr Beat 2Kobie Hill, 33, of Folsom was contacted and found to have multiple outstanding warrants. Booked at  Sacramento County Jail.
6/29/2022  11:45 AMPetty Theft 500 Block Caislean Wy Beat 3Both license plates were taken from vehicle overnight.
6/29/2022 10:20 AMWarrant 100 Block Placerville Rd  Beat 3Daniel Tober, of Folsom was contacted and found to have a felony warrant out of Placer County. Booked  at Placer County Jail.
6/29/2022 9:55 AMWarrant 40 Block Natoma St Beat 2Kenneth Mayberry, 37, of Folsom was contacted and found to have a misdemeanor warrant. A new court  date was issued.
6/29/2022  9:00 AMWarrant 600 Block Hancock Dr Beat 2Krista Skaggs, 43, of Folsom was contacted and found to have a misdemeanor warrant. A new court date  was issued.
7/1/2022  4:40 PMVandalism 1000 Block Riley St  Beat 2Unknown suspect(s) attempted to steal the catalytic converter off vehicle causing damage.
7/1/2022 4:35 PMVandalism River Ridge/Oak Rim Beat 1Unknown suspect(s) damaged cluster mailbox. Unknown if anything was taken.
7/1/2022 12:10 PMAttempted Vehicle  Theft200 Block Wellfleet Cr Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) damaged ignition in attempt to steal vehicle.
7/1/2022 8:15 AMVandalism 700 Block Bidwell St Beat 2Unknown suspect smashed front driver’s side window.
7/1/2022 7:10 AMVandalism 1300 Block Riley St Beat 4Unknown suspects spray painted walls of men’s restroom.
7/2/2022 6:35 PMArrest 1000 Block E. Bidwell St  Beat 4Jalise Mayberry, 21, of Fresno was arrested after stealing items from business. Booked at Sacramento  County Jail.
7/2/2022 2:40 PMPetty Theft 2700 Block E. Bidwell St Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) stole car key, air pods, and garage opener stolen from location.
7/2/2022  12:00 PMCitation 2300 Block Iron Point Rd Beat 3Glen Gottfried, 39, of Citrus Heights was contacted at location and issued a citation for PC 466, 11364 and  11377.
7/2/2022  10:30 AMPetty Theft 200 Block Palladio Pky Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) stole electric scooter from location.
7/2/2022  9:30 AMWarrants 100 Block Stanton Ct Beat 2Kira Gonzales, 39, of Folsom was contacted at location and issued a new court date for warrants.
7/3/2022  5:05 PMResidential  Burglary200 Block Bluebird Ln Beat 1Unknown suspect(s) stole jewelry and jewelry box from residence. 
7/3/2022  12:35 PMGraffiti 100 Block Briggs Ranch Dr Beat 2Unknown suspect(s) graffitied large sections of the bike trail sound wall.
7/3/2022 10:35 AMAttempted  Vehicle Theft200 Block S. Lexington Drive Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) attempted to steal vehicle.
7/3/2022 Driving Under  100 Block Blue Ravine Rd. Roberto Meza, 22, from El Dorado was contacted and found to be driving under the influence. Booked at Beat 4 2:00 AM the Influence Sac County Jail.
7/4/2022 8:05 PMPetty Theft 300 Block Dry Creek Rd Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) stole iPhone.
7/4/2022  4:40 PMPetty Theft 2000 Block Tarbolton Cr Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) stole front license plate from vehicle.
7/4/2022 3:45 PMArrest 1200 Block E Bidwell St Beat 3Armando Cole, 20, of Hayward, was contacted at the location. Arrested for 273.6(A) PC. Booked at  Sacramento County Jail.
7/4/2022  1:15 PMVehicle  Burglary2500 Block Iron Point Rd Beat 3Unknown suspect(s) stole music equipment from vehicle.
7/4/2022  10:10 AMArrest 2700 Block E. Bidwell St Beat 3Joseph Allen, 63, of Sacramento, was contacted at location. Arrested for 3056 PC, 11377 HS and 11364  HS. Booked at Sacramento County Jail.
7/4/2022 9:30 AMPetty Theft 100 Block Riley St Beat 4Unknown suspects stole miscellaneous items from business. 

Criminal code lookup

148Resisting arrest
242Assault & battery
246Illegal discharge of weapon
273AIt is a misdemeanor for any person or agency to pay, offer to pay, or to receive money or anything of value for the placement for adoption or for the consent to an adoption of a child.
415Disturbing the peace
422Domestic Violence related
466possession of burglary tools
487Larceny Grand theft
496possession of stolen property
529False impersonation
530False impersonation
594Malicious micschief
647Fpublic intoxication
1203.2probation violation
3056violation of parole
22210illegal possession ogf dangerous weapon other than a fire arm
22810possession of teargas
25100criminal storage of firearm
29800Firearms prohibition
30305illegal possession of ammunition
12500A VCdriving without a license
2800.2 VCFeeling from a peace officer
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