Elk Grove City Council denies Oak Rose Apartment Project in Old Town Elk Grove

At tonight’s city council meeting, the Elk Grove City Council voted 5-0 to deny the Oak Rose Apartment Project in Old Town Elk Grove. Previously the Elk Grove Planning Commission had also voted 5-0 to deny the project. The applicant then appealed the decision to the city council.

The applicant had tried to use SB 35 in seeking approval of the project, and a waiver of the Old Town Special Planning Area (SPA) development standard. Ultimately the city council agreed with city staff and the planning commission that the project did not meet the standards for the Old Town SPA.

Several community members spoke for and against the project. Those opposed were concerned about the proximity to the future library, a pre-school, a local park, as well as kids that walk by the project location. Community members in favor of the project recognized the problem of homelessness in the city and the need for housing and services.

In denying the project, city council members expressed a willingness to work with the project applicant to locate the project in another area of the city.

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