Elk Grove City Council to consider sales tax increase at meeting tonight

At tonight’s meeting, the Elk Grove City Council will consider placing a 1% sales tax increase on the ballot for this November. The current sales tax in the city of Elk Grove is 7.75%. If approved by a majority of the voters, the sales tax would begin being collected in April 2023. The proposal would require four of the five city council members to vote yes to place it on the ballot. The proposal could add an additional $21 million a year to the city budget.

That money would be used to fund the community needs identified in the staff report. Adding more police officers, improving 911 response times, addressing homelessness, maintaining parks and streets as well as attracting new businesses and entertainment such as the proposed Elk Grove Zoo would all could all benefit from increased funding

City Staff Report

Over the past two years, the city of Elk Grove has partnered with the Cosumnes Community Services District to conduct public outreach to identify needs in the community according to local residents. Through a series of outreach meetings and surveys, a list of community priorities was established.

City Staff Report

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