These roads are the deadliest in California

(NEXSTAR) – California roadways include winding coastal highways, five-lane interstates, and potholed city roads – all dangerous in their own ways. But a recent study sought to determine which stretches of the state’s nearly 400,000 miles of road are the most dangerous.

MoneyGeek plotted out the locations of more than 10,000 fatal crashes between 2017 and 2019 to determine which roadways are the deadliest in California.

The study found the single deadliest stretch of road is on Interstate 15 through Hesperia, a high desert city of San Bernardino County. Between 2017 and 2019, there were 19 fatal crashes on the four miles of I-15 between exits 138 and 129 (near the interstate’s intersection with State Route 138).
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Seven of the 10 deadliest roads in the state are stretches of interstate. The Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino and Riverside all make the list.

The 10 deadliest roads in California, according to MoneyGeek’s analysis, are:

10. State Route 22 through Garden Grove (Orange County)

The stretch of SR-22 from Exit 10 to Exit 5 saw 13 fatalities in 5 miles. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

9. Bear Valley Road between south of Apple Valley (San Bernardino County)

The 4.7-mile stretch Bear Valley Road through San Bernardino County saw 10 fatal accidents and 13 fatalities between 2017 and 2019, according to MoneyGeek’s analysis. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

8. Interstate 280 through San Jose (Santa Clara County)

This part of I-280 through San Jose, between Meridian and Wilshire, had 12 fatalities in just 4.3 miles. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

7. Interstate 605 near Norwalk, Cerritos (Los Angeles County)

On 4.3 miles of this Los Angeles County interstate, there were 11 fatal accidents resulting in 12 deaths. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

6. State Route 74 near Menifee (Riverside County)

SR-74, which runs through several Riverside County communities, saw 12 fatalities on these four miles of road. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

5. Interstate 215 through San Bernardino

Colton | San Bernardino map
Thirteen fatalities in two years were reported on this 4.7-mile stretch of I-215. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

4. Interstate 5 north of Sacramento

Sacramento map
This 4.9-mile portion of I-5 that runs through Sacramento and north reported 16 fatalities from 13 crashes. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

3. Interstate 80 in the East Bay

Richmond | El Cerrito | Pinole | San Pablo map
This stretch of I-80 through the East Bay Cities of Richmond, San Pablo and Pinole saw 18 deaths from 13 crashes. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

2. Interstate 80, also in the East Bay

Berkeley | Oakland | Emeryville | Albany map
Just a bit further south of the last spot, this part of I-80 from Albany to the start of the Bay Bridge is the second deadliest in the state. It saw 15 fatal crashes resulting in 17 fatalities between 2017 and 2019. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

1. Interstate 15 from Cajon Junction to Hesperia

Hesperia map
Nineteen fatalities in 4.5 miles makes this stretch of I-15 the deadliest roadway in California, the analysis found. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

The analysis also took a look at what caused the most deadly crashes in California. It found 27% of accidents involved drunk driving and 28% involved speeding.

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