Federal judge halts City of Sacramento from moving homeless camps

A federal judge has issued a temporary injunction preventing the city of Sacramento from clearing homeless camps in the city. The Sacramento Homeless Union and three homeless people filed suit against the city seeking to stop the homeless camp sweeps. The injunction ends at the end of August

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The city of Sacramento responded to the ruling in a written statement, which reads, in part:

“The preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge Troy Nunley reflects the complexity of the homelessness crisis in our state and city.”

The city’s statement then took issue with the Homeless Union’s claim that sweeps are happening, saying:

“The City informed the Court that it has not been clearing encampments,” and will be back before the court when the injunction expires in order to “inform the Court that it has not been sweeping encampments and welcomes the opportunity to continue to clarify its position and unhoused protocols – especially surrounding critical infrastructure — and to explore solutions with community partners.”

Advocates said sweeping out the unhoused and even maintaining the status quo are unacceptable.

“We’re not about keeping people in tents, we’re not about keeping people on the streets,” Prince said. “The public doesn’t want that. We don’t want that.”

The group said it wants permanent solutions to the city’s homelessness crisis.

“It’s time for the city of Sacramento, and the county of Sacramento to step up and take resources that are already available to them and put people in habitations that are fit for human beings,” Prince said.

The California Homeless Union also asked the court to require Sacramento County to open more cooling centers and extend cooling center hours.

The judge did not do that, according to Prince.

He also said the group will be back at the end of August to ask the court to extend the injunction on encampment sweeps.

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