Upcoming Elk Grove development projects

There are several development projects either starting or planned for the future in the City of Elk Grove. The City has a page dedicated to these projects.

Calvine and Elk Grove-Florin Roads

Calvine Pointe is located at the SW corner of the intersection of Calvine Road and Elk Grove – Florin Roads. Petrovich Development is the builder. There will be an ARCO gas station built between Kohl’s and Calvine Road. City Sports Club, a 44k sq ft building a drive-through are also coming to the project.

Bond Road and Waterman Road

At the NW corner of Bond Road and Waterman Road are two projects. The newest construction on the corner is going to be a Shell gas station with a 7-11 and a car wash. Just west of the gas station will be a storage facility.

The larger development behind the gas station is a residential project with Elliott Homes. That will have 660 homes and up to 125 assisted living units

Sheldon Road and Power Inn Road

Currently under construction is the Sheldon Grove development which will have 123 single-family homes.

Grant Line Road and Waterman Road

There are several projects underway or coming soon near the Grant Line Road, Waterman Road, and Mosher Road area.

The huge warehouse now under construction south of Grant Line is for Kubota Tractor

At the intersection of Mosher Road and Grant Line Road will be phase 2 if the Triangle Point project which will have 65 medium density lots

There are two projects planned for the NE corner of Waterman and Grant Line. One will be a Tractor Supply Company.

The other project will have a gas station, car wash, and two drive-throughs

At the SW corner of Grant Line Road and Waterman Road, there are plans for a Dunkin Donuts and a drive-through.

Sheldon Road, Bruceville, Big Horn, and Lewis Stein area

At the intersection of Lewis Stein and Big Horn will be a storage facility

There are two housing projects under construction along Sheldon Road between Lewis Stein and Bruceville, Sheldon Farms MHP and Sheldon Farms North

At the SE corner of Sheldon and Bruceville will be a dialysis center and an adult day care center.

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