4 Ways to Support Small Businesses in Your Community

By Emily Graham | emily@mightymoms.net

The global COVID-19 pandemic affected people of all ages around the world. No one felt the effects more than small business owners, who were often forced to close their doors or alter the ways they conducted business to slow the spread of the disease. As we emerge from the devastating pandemic, it is time to support the small businesses that survived so that they can start thriving again. Here are four ways you can support small businesses in your community.

1. Highlight Local Companies

If you are a community official, you can start highlighting a different small business each week. On your community website, create a banner advertising the weekly business. It’s easy to customize a banner with the colors, images, and fonts that come with a company’s logo. You can create a different banner within a few minutes each week and post it to your community website to encourage residents to make a purchase. It takes a minimal amount of time and no cost to spread the word about local businesses. Design banners online with this free template to make the task easier.

2. Make Regular Purchases

No business can survive without customers. If you want to have a direct impact on these small companies in your community, take steps to become a loyal customer. You don’t have to buy products every day or even on a weekly basis. However, make it a habit to purchase the products and services you need from small businesses in your community instead of buying them from a big box retailer.

Many small businesses have programs in place to reward loyal customers. If you are a small business owner and do not yet offer a loyalty program offering customers discounts or free items when they spend a certain amount of money, consider implementing one.

3. Recommend Small Businesses to Other People

When friends, family members, or acquaintances ask for recommendations on companies to purchase products or services from, you can recommend local small businesses instead of big box retailers. It costs nothing to give a recommendation, and you can drastically increase a company’s business by recommending its products or services to people in your community. People are more likely to give a small business a chance if it has a good reputation. You can help build a company’s reputation by recommending it whenever you get a chance. You may also get an opportunity to share why you love the company so much.

4. Write Glowing Reviews

Writing a positive review for a local business is something you can do that takes minimal effort and no cost. If you have purchased products or services from a company in your community, take a few minutes to post about your experience online. One study found that nearly 55% of people read at least four reviews before they decide to make a purchase. For this reason, having multiple glowing reviews is important for the success of a small business. If you take a few minutes out of your day to write about your satisfaction with the products or services you purchased, you can make a major impact on the company’s bottom line.

Small businesses are taking steps to market themselves to regain traction in the slowly growing economy. As a community, we should take the steps above to support the businesses that make up the backbone of America.

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