Two people killed in early morning collision on I-5 near Elk Grove

The CHP is investigating an early morning rollover collision that resulted in two people being killed and two other people suffering injuries. One of the deceased is the driver, a 21-year-old male from Elk Grove. The other is a 20-year-old from Stockton. According to the CHP, none of the occupants were wearing seat belts.

On the above date at the above time, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dispatch advised CHP South Sacramento units of a solo vehicle rollover collision with a possible ejection on I-5 Northbound, south of Hood-Franklin Road. CHP South Sacramento units responded and arrived on scene. Cosumnes Fire Department arrived before CHP and pronounced one party deceased.

A gray Toyota Camry was traveling northbound on I-5, approaching Hood-Franklin Road in the # 2 lane at approximately 70 miles per hour (speed obtained by two surviving passengers). The cause is still under investigation, but we believe the right side tires of the Toyota crossed the solid white line between the # 2 lane and the shoulder, coming into contact with the rumble strip. The driver of the Toyota over corrected to the left, and the vehicle lost traction on the wet roadway. After swerving some more, the vehicle went off the east shoulder, into the dirt/ grass shoulder area, and began overturning several times. Based on the damage to the vehicle, it appears to have cartwheeled at least once as well.

Three of the four occupants were ejected, including the driver The left rear passenger remained in the vehicle, crawled out, and called 911. This is the only call on the CHP log, and we have no independent witnesses. The right rear passenger was ejected and declared deceased at the scene by elements of Cosumnes Fire Department. The driver was declared deceased at a local hospital.
The driver was identified as the driver by independent statements from the two living occupants. They corroborated each other’s version of seating positions.

Upon inspection of the occupant restraint system, it is obvious that no seatbelts were worn. We do not believe alcohol or drugs to be a factor in this collision.

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