Sky River Casino to pay for additional help from Elk Grove Police

Since the opening of the new Sky River Casino in Elk Grove in August, the casino has been paying for additional help from the Elk Grove Police Department. In the days after the casino opened, Elk Grove police officers helped direct traffic as crowds converged on the casino. The department has maintained a presence around the casino since it opened.

The Elk Grove Police Department daily watch summary has included several arrests near the casino since it opened. Daily watch summaries can be found on Elk Grove Laguna News

In an agreement with the city of Elk Grove, the casino agreed to pay for additional officers on an as-needed basis.

Wilton Rancheria will fund the full overtime costs of EGPD police officers working at Sky River facilities and events. All expenditures associated with the extra-duty program, along with any reimbursement revenue from Wilton Rancheria, will be recorded in the Extra Duty Program Fund (Fund 213).

City of Elk Grove

The full details of the agreement can be found on the city’s website

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