Man killed by Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputies in hostage situation

Earlier today Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputies killed a man that was involved in a hostage situation. The incident started late Tuesday morning in the 3900 block of 41st Street in Sacramento.

According to the Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson, deputies received a call about a man threatening someone in a house. In the house were a man, his girlfriend, his daughter’s boyfriend, and a 3-year-old child, shared between the daughter and her boyfriend. The boyfriend and 3-year-old fled the home. SWAT and hostage negotiators arrived on the scene and were able to make contact with the subject. The spokesperson said the man had made threats toward officers while on the phone. Several minutes later the man exited the home with his girlfriend in one arm and a firearm in the other. Deputies then shot the man. They took the female to safety and attempted to provide lifesaving aid to the subject, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. No deputies were injured in the incident.

Streets in the area are blocked off and the investigation is expected to take several hours. A press release is expected later today.

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