Op-ed – From Yes on E Committee

I’m Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, I’m Vice-Mayor Darren Suen, I’m CSD Board Member Gil Albiani,

and I’m CSD Board Member Rod Brewer. We love living in Elk Grove and want to maintain our

quality of life in the City. We moved here, we raised our families here over 20 years ago, and we

want to enjoy this community for years to come. We understand homelessness and public

safety are top community concerns. That’s why we’re urging a YES vote on Measure E to help

keep Elk Grove clean and safe.

Vote Yes on E to:

  • Reduce crime
  • Support rapid 9-1-1, fire, police, medical emergency/disaster response
  • Keep public areas safe and clean
  • Address homelessness
  • Maintain parks and streets, fix potholes, and improve traffic congestion
  • Prevent youth gang violence and crime
  • Attract and retain local businesses and jobs

Here’s what we’re hearing from our Safety Personnel – Yes on E:

 “In an emergency, every second counts. With 75% of Fire Department calls being for

medical emergencies, voting yes on Measure E will improve response times, maintain

the required amount of paramedics and equipment, and save lives.” 

Fire Chief Felipe Rodriguez

“We’ve seen a rise in Elk Grove crime, last year we had 325 robberies and burglaries,

and close to 200 car thefts.  Measure E will help us reduce crime and give us an

opportunity to establish quality youth service programs to help keep our kids


Police Chief Bobby Davis

“Measure E is critical to ensuring rapid 911 for emergencies and disaster response.”

Bryant Powell, Vice President of the Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Local 522, Cosumnes

Fire Representative

“We work hard to ensure our streets, neighborhoods, and public areas remain safe and

clean. Measure E is a responsible plan to ensure safety in our neighborhoods, increase

patrols, and address homelessness.” Musa Abedrabbo, President of the Elk Grove Police

Officers Association

Measure E includes critical accountability measures: It is a prudent and responsible plan with

Independent Citizens Oversight, audits, and public spending disclosures.

Measure E will ensure Elk Grove is clean and safe for years to come. Join us in voting Yes on E.

Visit YesonEforElkGrove.com to learn more.

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