Will Republicans finally stand up to Trump?

It was almost a year ago that I wrote this article, Time for “real’ Republicans to speak up.

The midterm election was two days ago and we don’t yet know for sure who will control Congress. it looks like the Republicans will have a slim lead in the house and the Senate may not be decided until a runoff in Georgia in December. Historically speaking, the party in power with the presidency loses a number of house seats in the midterms. Republicans had a chance to pick up 30-40 seats in the house. Even though President Biden has low approval ratings and the worst inflation in 40 years, Republicans underperformed. The predicted red wave was a red trickle.

The reason is clear. It is the former President. For two years he has pushed the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. He has promoted candidates that were election deniers. His MAGA candidates performed poorly on Tuesday night. He pushed terrible candidates like Oz and Mastriano in Pennsylvania, and Herschel Walker in Georgia among others. There have been grumblings within the party since Tuesday that Trump is bringing the party down. Nothing gets out the vote for Democrats like Trump being part of the election. Trump cost Republicans a chance to easily take over control of Congress. Even if they do take over the house, the margin will be small and they will have to deal with far-right election deniers that will force Republicans to rely on Democrats to help get anything passed.

Also on Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis helped flip Florida from purple to very red. He won his election by almost 20 points and won Miami-Dade County which hadn’t happened for Republicans in 2 decades.

DeSantis’ popularity is not sitting well with Trump. At a campaign rally over the weekend, Trump referred to DeSantis as “Desanctimonius”. Then yesterday he warned DeSantis not to run. Trump said. “If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anybody other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.”

This is what Trump does and this is why Republican leaders are afraid to criticize him. He will turn on anyone that does. Trump’s ego is too big to let anyone challenge him. Remember what he did to Mike Pence when Pence refused to go along with his attempt to overturn the election? Remember what his supporters did on January 6, 2021. All Trump has to do is say the word and his supporters will attack anyone he tells them to. Of course anyone who dares to criticize Trump must a liberal according to his sycophants, as if those are the only two options.

DeSantis is very popular among Republicans and is seen as the future of the party. How will republicans react if Trump starts attacking him? Some Trump supporters are already calling DeSantis a “RINO”. Will other Republican leaders finally speak up? The Republican party needs to move on and choose a candidate that can win and not someone as polarizing as Trump who helps the democrats get out the vote. It will take leaders with some backbone to stand up. We have already seen the likes of Lindsay Graham, Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz groveling before Trump. It is unlikely party leaders will speak up unless they get together and take him on as a group.

If DeSantis does challenge Trump for the 2024 nomination it will get ugly and it will be interesting to see what republicans voters do. Say enough is enough or lose the election in 2024 with Trump. If DeSantis does run he will need to come out swinging and take Trump on. Hopefully he does that.

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