Renderings of possible future Elk Grove Zoo revealed

The Sacramento Zoological Society and the city of Elk Grove released renderings of the possible future zoo in Elk Grove. The city and Sacramento Zoo issued a press release. A video of the presentation can be viewed here.

Sacramento Zoological Society and City of Elk Grove Unveil Conceptual Plans and Drawings of Proposed New Zoo 
November 17, 2022
The Sacramento Zoological Society and the City of Elk Grove released a series of drawings today illustrating the vision for a state-of-the-art zoological park to serve the greater Sacramento region and attract visitors.

The drawings, prepared by SHR Studios and Mangolin Creative, depict a multi-phased, modern zoo featuring expansive savannas where African wildlife will roam, and guests will be immersed in the animals’ surroundings. The drawings also illustrate a variety of possible options for zoo visitors to get up close and learn about threatened species like the white rhinoceros and the Masai giraffe, feed a hippopotamus or flamingo, and even get to stay overnight in a luxury tent-cabin with views of the hippopotamus lake.

“The most exciting part of these conceptual renderings are the depictions of the interactions between the animals and people,” said Jason Jacobs, Executive Director of the Sacramento Zoological Society. “An incredible zoo doesn’t just take care of animals; it also takes good care of people. We want this new zoo to be one of the best in the United States and something that Elk Grove and the entire region can really be proud of.”

In September 2021, the Sacramento Zoological Society and the City of Elk Grove entered into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement to evaluate the creation of a new, modern zoological park in Elk Grove. Activities since that time include the completion of a feasibility study and an economic impact analysis, the retention of renowned zoo landscape architecture firm SHR Studios, as well as ongoing research and planning. Next steps in the process include developing a schematic design, a financing plan, and completing an environmental impact review (EIR). These steps are expected to take a least a year to complete. Formal consideration of the new zoo project by the Elk Grove City Council, and any approvals that would move the project into construction, could occur as soon as late 2023.
“The renderings really help show the vision and the possibilities for this project and what it could bring to our region, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done,” said Elk Grove City Manager, Jason Behrmann. “The renderings help us to better understand the costs and how we might be able to construct the zoo in phases, but it also presents an opportunity to start a dialogue with other sources for funding and collaboration.”

As the development team continues their work over the holidays, new opportunities for the community to get involved with the project are expected to come in early 2023.
“We will need extensive community support to get the new zoo built. We hope that the release of these incredible images will inspire and motivate individuals and entities to want to be a part of creating this incredible new zoo,” said Sacramento Zoological Society Board President, Elizabeth Stallard. 

To view the new drawings and learn more about the new zoo project, visit saczoo.org/about-us/new-zoo

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